Thursday, May 17, 2007

Magnet Frames and Tissue Boxes

I can finally post the things I made for Mother's Day since both of our Mom's will be receiving them today. (And I don't think my Mom will look here before I see her!) I didn't get to go see my Mom on Mother's Day because I was in too much pain with my back. And Chip had to work, so we knew we wouldn't get to see his either, so we are seeing them both today...finally!

First up, I made these little magnet frames. They are little wooden frames I picked up at Michaels. I painted the edges and then adhered patterned paper. I added a little ribbon and a flower to the one for my MIL, and just some ribbon to my Mom's - I didn't think it needed anything else with that pattern. My mom's kitchen is in an Italian theme, so I thought that paper would be perfect. And I printed the picture in black and white so it wouldn't clash with the paper. I added some magnet tape to the backs of these so they can go on the refrigerator. I actually like these so much that I plan to make one for myself.

I picked up wooden tissue box holders at Michaels too. I covered two sides with patterned paper, and two sides with a solid color. I then attached a picture of the kids on one of the solid sides. I painted the tops to match. Then I sealed the whole thing with a spray sealer. I think these turned out pretty cute and will probably end up making one of these for myself too!

I also made each of them a set of cards, but I will post them later.


Debi said...

Oh Jennifer...those are so beautiful! How on earth do you get so much done, girl?!! I really, really love those magnet frames! Another idea I might have to steal someday...
I'm willing to bet both "Moms" absolutely loved them, huh?
You really do beautiful work, Jennifer!

Heidi said...

Those tissue boxes are adorable! I am going to have to try that! We go through tissue like water around here, guess that's what happens when you have year-round allergies!

christy p said... is me....your blogger stalker...did you spray the photos as well???