Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Often times when I make a card and I like how it turned out, I'll go ahead and make another one (or more!) using the same supplies and just changing it a little bit.
That's what I did with these cards. I actually made three, but the third one came out really fuzzy, and I've already given it away, so I can't take another picture.

I love this Big Blossom stamp from Stampin Up! and the versatility it has. On these cards, I stamped it on the back of my patterned paper and then cut it out. I really like the round gem in the middle better than the heart shaped one, but it was the last one I had in the right color. So I used the heart for the other one.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Simply Sweet

I got this stamp from My Favorite Things. I absolutely loved it. But I wasn't sure what direction to go with it. So, I poked around on SCS and found a really cute card and loved everything about it.
So, I basically did the same thing with my card. I don't think mine turned out quite as cute as the one I copied (which can be seen HERE), but I still like it.

And here is mine:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Here's a card I made using a cute little dinosaur stamp I got from Oriental Trading.
It's just a simple card - that's been my thing lately - keeping it simple!

I stamped the image first on white cardstock, then again on the patterned paper. I cut the body of the dino out of the paper and adhered it to the cardstock image. Then I just colored in the spikes.
The word stamp is Studio G (I think!)

Simple...but least I think so!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Celebrate 50

I just love the classic black and white for cards, and use it an awful lot. I needed a 50th birthday card, so I went to myself for inspiration! LOL! I liked the 40th birthday card I did here so much that I just basically recreated it with just a couple of changes so it wouldn't be exactly the same.

Very, very simple, but I like it!

Sorry about the fuzzy picture. I had to take this with my phone when my camera wasn't working, so it's not the best.

Monday, April 06, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

My friends who live next door have two beautiful American Bulldogs. These are the sweetest dogs, and they are spoiled just a little bit rotten!

When Mufasa (their "first born") turned one, they did what any parents of a one year old would do - had a birthday party!

And I had the honors of making the cake. I had seen a few pictures of cute cakes online and used them as inspiration to come up with Mufasa's cake.

And I couldn't go to a birthday party without a gift! So I made some doggy treats and then altered this marshmallow creme jar to put them in.

(Sorry the pictures aren't very clear.)

Here is Mufasa with his eye on the cake:

Of course, he didn't get to have any of it. But he and Maya both enjoyed the dog treats!

And here's the whole family:

Denise, Maya, Mufasa, Jorge & Marlon
Aren't they cute?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Let's Try This Again!

Oh My Word!

Has it REALLY been almost a year since I posted something here? I don't know what happened with me! It's been slow - I haven't made tons of stuff, but I still can't believe I haven't posted in so long!

So...I decided to give my blog a little mini-makeover and a fresh start. I found this cute header at The Cutest Blog on the Block and altered it to add my blog name. I don't dislike butterflies, but it probably wouldn't have been my first choice, however, I liked the colors and everything else about it, so it works!

I won't make any promises that I'll be good about blogging regularly. I can't even seem to blog regularly on my main blog anymore! I think one of my problems is I discovered Facebook a while back, and I tend to spend a LOT of time on there!

But I'm at least going to TRY to get back to blogging more!

I'll start by posting a card I made for my daughter for her 4th birthday. One of her favorite shows is "Yo Gabba Gabba" and her favorite character is Foofa. So she wanted a Foofa cake for her birthday.

Since I was planning to do that, I had to make a Foofa card as well! I found an image online and used it as a pattern to make the card as well as the image on the cake.

Here's the card:

And of course, the cake! Ruthi wanted a cookie cake, so this is what I did:

And you know, I didn't notice until just now, as I posted this, that I forgot to add the eyelashes on the cake! I was in such a hurry that day, finishing the cake just before the party. I can't believe I didn't even notice it! I don't think it looked that odd until I looked at the card and cake pictures at the same time! Oh well...Ruthi certainly didn't care!