Monday, April 06, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

My friends who live next door have two beautiful American Bulldogs. These are the sweetest dogs, and they are spoiled just a little bit rotten!

When Mufasa (their "first born") turned one, they did what any parents of a one year old would do - had a birthday party!

And I had the honors of making the cake. I had seen a few pictures of cute cakes online and used them as inspiration to come up with Mufasa's cake.

And I couldn't go to a birthday party without a gift! So I made some doggy treats and then altered this marshmallow creme jar to put them in.

(Sorry the pictures aren't very clear.)

Here is Mufasa with his eye on the cake:

Of course, he didn't get to have any of it. But he and Maya both enjoyed the dog treats!

And here's the whole family:

Denise, Maya, Mufasa, Jorge & Marlon
Aren't they cute?


Debi said...

=) That is just too stinkin' cute!!!

Noel said...

haha, that is toooo funny :) if a dog could smile, he would be.