Saturday, January 05, 2008

Monogrammed Cards

More Christmas Gifts...

I made sets of 5 monogrammed cards for some gifts. I kept them simple since I was doing a lot of them.

I used various black/white/grey patterned papers for the strip in the middle, varying them so that each set had 5 different patterns. Then I used my scallop punch for the black cardstock. I stamped the design and letter in the middle of the white cardstock and assembled. The stamps are from Oriental Trading.

I made 36 set of these. Yep - 180 cards. I did them in an assembly line fashion, so it wasn't that difficult. Here's one big batch - I still had more after these.

Coming up next - the gift I had the most fun making!


Karen said...

These look great! And really simple too...I may have to make some monogrammed notecards for myself!

christy p said...

Oh what an awesome idea! Those would make great bday and teacher gifts too!!! Where did you get the cards? Do you have a Michaels out there?

Hurry and post your favorite gift that you made. I am dying to know. I won't leave my computer til I see it! It is a good thing I don't have your phone number, or I would be calling you, bugging you!!! POST IT, GIRL!

christy p said...

Okay, just ordered those darn stamps. You are a horrible influence. You have ruined this months craft budget with all your neat-o ideas. Drats! :)

Karen said...

I had to come back to this and let you know that I made some cards kind of like this for myself last night!

I had a pack of black and white papers (some are just like the ones you used) and a scallop punch. The only thing I didn't have was the round stamp that the letters are inside. So, I just did the letter without the extra stamp.

They are not quite as cute as these, but they were quick and easy and I really like them! I have a crafty friend who has a birthday soon and I think I'll make some for her.

Thanks for the awesome idea!