Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here We Go...

OK, I'm falling crawling out from under the pile I was getting burried under! And now I can get some of the projects posted of things I made for Christmas. I'll try to get them all on here over the next few days.

For starters, here is a set I made for my MIL.

On the left is a magnet photo frame I altered to a post it note holder, complete with a pic of the kids. In the middle is a photo book I altered (and filled with pics of the kids) and a beaded pen. And lastly is an altered journal and a bookmark.

Here is what the journal looked like before:

And here's a closeup of the after.

I'm kind of wishing I had cut the scalloped circle out of white so it would have stood out a little more. But it stands out a little more in person than it does in the photo.

Lots more to come, but at least I have a start on it now!


christy p said...

You are one creative genius....I am soooooooo adding you to the blog list that I visit!!!

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I am officially beyond jealous of your craftiness!
I stopped by to let you know I am having another Honesty Contest and thought you might like to try your luck again. Here is the link: