Thursday, January 10, 2008

Have a Funshine Day!

My daughter LOVES the Care Bears. She watches the "Big Wish" movie ALL the time. Her absolute favorite is Funshine Bear.

So for her birthday, it was only fitting to make her a Funshine Bear card. So I found an image of Funshine online. I printed it out on cardstock and him out.

I stamped the party hat, cut it out and placed it on Funshine's head. Then I stamped the balloons, cut them out and put them in place. I attatched some floss from the balloons to the hand. I cut the 3 with my Fiskars Shape Cutter and added a little pen stitching.

I think it turned out pretty cute. It's not very girly, but Funshine bear is a boy, and yellow, so I couldn't really "girl it up" too much. I chose a blue background to make it feel like the sky was in the background. She loved it, and that's all that REALLY matters!

And no birthday is complete without the cake! We had been talking about having a "Tea Party Birthday" and a "Tea Party Cake" for WEEKS. About a week before her birthday, she totally changed her mind and insisted she wanted a Care Bear Birthday. So she did.

I planned to do a more elaborate cake... a sheet cake with clouds and a big rainbow in the background and Funshine bear frolicking around. Well, I kind of ran out of time, seeing how I would have had to make some of the parts at least a couple days in advance. So I took the easy way out (for me.) I went and bought the character pan and just did it that way. I stayed up most of the night before her party baking and decorating it. But she LOVED it.

And here's the Birthday Girl!


christy p said...

Wow. I have NEVER decorated a cake that looked like that. That is ONE lucky birthday girl. Looks like she loved it too!

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

she is adorable and the cake came out great!!

Deanne said...

I love your blog! Found it through a link on Robin's blog (TQMNURSE)
You are very creative!!!
Love your cake! I decorate cakes too and have so many cake pans, but I have yet to do a Carebear one! Yours is awesome! And your birthday girl is adorable!!!