Friday, January 04, 2008

For Baby

More Christmas gifts...these for 2 brand new babies in the family. Two of my cousins had babies - one right before Thanksgiving and the other right before Christmas. The brand new one was just a few days old when we all got together Christmas Eve. Such sweetness!

Anyway, since I couldn't go to the showers, I gave them their gifts at Christmas. Here are the things I made:

The first is for my darling cousin Lindsey, who actually lived with us for a year when she was 12 (and now she's a mommy!!!)(and I remember when she was born....I'm getting old!) Anyway, I found out she was doing baby Landon's room in a cute jungle animal theme. So I made this frame for his room with the cute little lion I got from Michael's.

And when I saw this adorable fleece, I couldn't resist getting it to make another now-sew blanket.

And my cousin Davie (Lindsey's brother) and his girlfriend Alison had a baby girl. Unfortunately, I didn't know her name when I was making her gift, so I just made a first Christmas frame.

And then these cute little onesies. The pictures aren't as clear a I wish, but you get the idea.

So Very Loved


I used Stampin Up's So Very and Big Flower sets and stamped these with fabric paint. I think they turned out pretty cute.
I also gave her a couple of sweet baby outfits, but I didn't do anything to them, so no pics, lol!

More coming soon!


Karen said...

Love the onesies! I have been meaning to comment and tell you how much I enjoy your creative blog!!

christy p said...

Adorable! My neighbor recently had a baby girl, after having three boys. I just may have to steal your ideas once again! LOVE THEM.

Too bad are stud muffins couldn't be on the same department. We sure would have fun crafting!