Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle!

OK - I'm back from our little vacation. We were gone for 8 days, so obviously I haven't had much of a chance to work on anything! But I'm back now, and getting back into the swing of things, and it's time to get really busy creating. I have so many things I want and need to work on!

So, I'm officially back in the saddle, and I plan to be updating more regularly again!

Today I worked on invitations for my neighbor's daughter's birthday party. She is turning 13 and having a pretty large party. She had gone to a specialty type store to pick out some invitations and was a bit shocked at what they were going to cost.
So my neighbor called me and asked what it would take to make them. I told her to send Allison over and we could look at some stuff, she could decide what she wanted, and I'd be glad to help her make them.

So that's what we did. She made a choice on a style of invite yesterday. This morning I took her shopping to pick out papers and ribbon. I think she had a lot of fun picking the stuff out.

Then we came back to my house to get busy. I cut the paper for her, and showed her what to do, and she did the paper and ribbon for most of the invites herself before she had to go to another friend's party. So I finished them up for her. They are simple, but cute. And she was extremely happy with them.

What was really cool was to see how proud of them she was. Most 13 yr. old girls can't say they had a part of creating their own invites. She was talking on the phone to one of her friends and she was telling her that she was working on the invitations, and how cute they were. Yeah - she was quite proud. She even told me these were way cuter than the really expensive ones at the store!

So, here they are - she couldn't decide which paper she liked better for the top, so she decided to do half with the pink and half with the orange, and switch up the ribbon. The party stamp is from one of the $1 Studio G sets from Michaels. Then I just used a pink Zig writer to make the dots around the edge.

They turned out cute, don'tcha think? We made 30 of these in about 3 hours - not too bad!

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Corie said...

Love both of them. great layout, great colors -- just great cards.